Dynamic Management Strategy explains how business organizations can develop or replace a traditional management model with a more dynamic one that is better adapted to today’s need for agility. Eight detailed case studies of companies operating in different countries are presented with details to help illustrate how it is possible to achieve the competitive  advantage that dynamic management provides. The book can be used as a guide when working with management innovation and change management. Part one introduces the need for change and a vision of a more dynamic management model. Parts two and three introduce six cornerstones of a dynamic management model and describe how they can be leveraged to improve the management process and empower organizations to act. Part four offers a guide for change management and demonstrates how dynamic management gives organizations a competitive advantage for the future.

The book is designed to assist leaders and managers seeking to make their organizations fit for the future. It will benefit CEOs, CFOs, and HR officers, and should prove valuable to anyone working as an Agile Coach or in change management. Concepts and traditional theories of the firm are connected with practices and modern theories from the Agile, Systems Thinking, and Beyond Budgeting communities.

Dynamic Management Strategy

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